Knowledge Store

Welcome to our Knowledge Store. As part of our commitment to eliminating duplication of effort and promoting skills and knowledge sharing, we have gathered a wide range of resources that you can use to support delivering efficiency improvements, generate cashable savings and improve the quality of your procurement operation.

Everything in our Knowledge Store, including our own material, is free to download.

The Customer Related section contains a wide range of material including papers that relate to our services as well as those written by third parties. These include government policy documents and papers written by our customers.

In the White Papers section you will find the latest contributions from a range of experts all of whom can be relied upon to provide an incisive view on the topics of the day.

Guidance, Policy and Practice contains useful 'how to' guides and a wide range of specialist papers written by SPS and other third parties.

In the Reports and Reviews section you will find a selection of topical articles about procurement and commissioning.

All documents are shown in reverse order of the date uploaded, so newer documents will be at the top of the lists.