Commercial Contracting

It is widely recognised that many contracts and their associated relationships have a direct impact on the quality of service an organisation provides, the cost it pays and even its reputation. With so many services now being commissioned, demographics changing and budgets shrinking, the cost of a failing contract can have widespread consequences. The problems are rarely all the fault of one party; more often they are caused by poor communication and a failure of interested parties to agree ‘what matters’. The National Audit Office (NAO, 2016) document Commercial and contract management: insights and emerging best practice sets out to change this situation in central government. We are already doing this across the wider public sector with the aim of helping raise the standard of the people, systems and processes that support successful contract and relationship management.

“We want to challenge government to establish and meet a much higher standard so it can achieve its contracting goals.”
Joshua Reddaway, Director Commercial and Contracting VFM, NAO

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The Commercial Contracting Challenge

The Challenge is a short, in-depth review, that looks at a wide range of success factors or ‘Business Value Codes’ (BVCs) which indicate how prepared your organisation is to manage its important contracts and their associated relationships effectively and consistently. It uses a variety of tools and approaches to collect supporting information. Using our web-based contract management diagnostic, you assess how you are currently performing and what your future aspirations are for each BVC based upon what you think good looks like. You do the assessment, our role is to provide you with the know-how and tools to help you to achieve your aspirations.

If you see contract and relationship management as being an essential part of successful service delivery, cost control and creating additional value, then The Challenge is for you.  It takes about 8 weeks to complete, can be tailored to client specific priorities  and is priced from £9,500 plus VAT.  Download more information here.

The Contracts Register Service

A proven and cost effective solution to support Contract & Relationship Management.

Effective Contract & Relationship Management (CRM) is impossible without having a Contracts Register in place. Yet many organisations find locating details of contracts difficult, as they have often been lost, have expired or, in some cases, no contract was ever let.

Once the issue of collating contract information has been resolved, the next challenge is keeping it up-to-date and accurate. Our Contracts Register Service has been purpose built to meet contract management needs as opposed to being part of a another business solution. The CRS is designed to provide:

  • An online, secure, web based service with no restrictions on user numbers or need for implementation/technical consultants
  • Low cost and fixed price, paid as an annual fee with no ongoing maintenance, licence fees or hidden charges
  • Intuitive and easy to use, supported by a Learning Management System helping users to quickly get the most from their contract data
  • Backed by best practice – supported with management guidelines and other resources for creating and maintaining a modern and up-to-date Contracts Register
  • Your data is securely accessible online, as appropriate, by anyone, anytime, anywhere – instantly, dynamically and transparently allowing you to concentrate on implementing effective C&RM

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