Contract and Relationship Management

What We Do

Our advisory and managed service commercial transformation solutions help our clients to:

  • Deliver better outcomes for less money from all their third party contracts
  • Understand and scope the need for successful marketing and communications to support change
  • Ensure changes are permanently embedded in the organisational culture

We are :

  • Committed to improving public sector commissioning and contract management
  • Proven, highly experienced with an exemplary track record
  • Focused, delivering outcomes not just reports
  • Part of a larger group of creative leaders and transformational experts
  • Governed by an ethical consultancy charter ensuring we always provide exceptional value
  • Able to give you access to other transformational experts
  • All for a fixed price with no hidden costs

Contact Us today for a discussion as to how we can make effective commercial contracting a reality in your organisation.


The Catalyst
A refreshing view on commissioning, procurement and contract & relationship management.

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